Dyanite® is our invented tungsten carbide and cobalt (WC-Co) composition that fundamentally changes the compromise between hardness and fracture toughness.

Dyanite® allows for the use of higher hardness inserts without sacrificing the fracture toughness needed in many applications. Dyanite® is a WC-Co composition modified by the addition of boron (B).

Regular grade OM2

Regular grade OM2
Dyanite grade OM2D

Dyanite grade OM2

Hardness and fracture toughness of Dyanite® compositions have the same dependence on carbide grain size and cobalt content as regular WC-Co, but with a fundamental difference: for a given cobalt content and grain size, Dyanite® has a slightly higher hardness but a substantially increased fracture toughness. This makes Dyanite® a great choice for those critical impact applications where a high wear resistance is required, too.