Dyanite® is our invented tungsten carbide and cobalt (WC-Co) composition that fundamentally changes the compromise between hardness and fracture toughness.  Dyanite® allows for the use of higher hardness inserts without sacrificing the fracture toughness needed in many applications.

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About Multi-Metals

Multi-Metals (the home of Dyanite® Carbide) is a manufacturer of premium cemented tungsten carbide products used in a wide array of industries.

Commencing in the production of carbide products in 1955 makes Multi-Metals among the oldest companies in the U.S. in its industry.

In the beginning, Multi-Metals’ primary product was tungsten carbide saw tips for woodworking applications. Although saw tips and related wood-working products are still a major portion of our offerings, we have expanded our capabilities through the years to serve many other industries including mining, downhole drilling, wear parts and various other applications. We also offer injection molding technology to produce complex carbide parts that can not be made by conventional powder metallurgy processes.