TKW acquires Multi-Metals

February 11, 2008



TKW, LLC, of Louisville, KY, acquires Multi-Metals Division of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, a privately held company with worldwide headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The two companies agreed to the deal on February 11, 2008 and TKW assumed full ownership on the same date.

“TKW, LLC is comprised of key management figures with many years’ experience within Multi-Metals and the carbide industry. The company is performing more efficiently than ever before due to many of the manufacturing philosophies initiated by Bosch, and we intend to expand those capabilities and position the company for continued growth,” said Shawn Teague, spokesman for TKW, LLC. “With all of the key personnel already in place, a seamless transition will take place with no interruption of service to our customers.”

Multi-Metals is a leading U.S. manufacturer of tungsten carbide products for wear applications. The company was founded by Vermont American Corporation in 1955 and was acquired by Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in 2002. The new company, under TKW, LLC, d/b/a, Multi-Metals, will be headquartered in Louisville, KY. The company is a leading supplier to major national and international industrial accounts spanning many industries.

Added Mr. Teague, “We are very excited to position the company to be more aggressive, flexible, responsive, and innovative than ever before. For the first time in the company’s 52-year history, it is not under the direction of a large corporate entity, and we believe the industry and our customers will see a company that is much quicker on its feet.”


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