SM5 - new ultrafine, high-hardness grade

SM5 grade

March 23, 2009

Multi-Metals is pleased to introduce the newest grade to our arsenal – SM5.  This new, ultrafine, low-cobalt, high-hardness grade was developed specifically to withstand the rigors of cutting man-made materials that are inherently abrasive and tend to reduce tool life.  In both lab and field testing, SM5 has proven to extend tool life up to 2-3 times that of other premium submicron grades.

SM5, compared to competitive grades, has been designed with the tool-maker in mind.  By keeping the customers’ operational efficiency at the forefront of development, SM5 has been designed to ensure brazing and grinding operations do not suffer due to the increase in hardness.

Our metallurgists, engineers, and application specialists spent months perfecting the chemistry of SM5 to directly tackle the challenges faced when cutting MDF, melamine, composites and many other man-made materials commonly used in today’s industry.  Contact us today to try this new addition to our offering.