Multi-Metals carbide inserts used to rescue Chilean miners

October 14, 2010


The owners, and the entire Multi-Metals family, are very happy and excited to have played a major role in the rescue of 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for over 2 months. Multi-Metals carbide was used in the initial 5” breakthrough hole that found the miners. Later, a hole opener was used, also using Multi-Metals carbide, to bring the miners to the surface. Carbide buttons are used on bits to do the actual crushing of rock when drilling holes in rock formations.

Mincon International was responsible for the initial hole that located the miners. Center Rock, Inc. used their cluster drill to open the hole. Both companies used Multi-Metals’ premium Dyanite® carbide to extend the life of their bits and increase reliability. Dyanite® carbide incorporates a patented process that increases fracture toughness of tungsten carbide and is used worldwide in the most demanding drilling applications.

The entire Multi-Metals family would like to extend our best wishes to the miners, their families, the rescue workers and the bit manufacturers who worked so diligently to bring a happy ending to this disaster.


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Mincon International - Chilean mine rescue

Center Rock - Chilean mine rescue

Center Rock drill bit

Here is an image of the Center Rock hole opener equipped with Multi-Metals carbide inserts that widened the initial 5-1/2” hole (drilled with Mincon hammer) to 12”.

Center Rock bit with Multi-Metals carbide inserts


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